The Giving Box

The Resolute logo was created to reflect the foundational nature of our firm, with an emphasis on discovering opportunities to help our clients make a significant impact with their wealth.

While working on the design of the logo, our team was continually drawn to the herringbone designs that were presented; however, we knew something was missing. Then, we considered moving the smallest piece of the logo, separating it from the rest. This is meant to symbolize our conviction in helping our clients understand the value they can provide by sharing their wealth with those closest to them and the causes they are passionate about. We have termed it “The Giving Box.”

The team at Resolute strives to inspire our clients through our own actions by being engaged in our local community — whether it is volunteering time and efforts on any scale or establishing charitable gifting opportunities — all can have a meaningful impact.

Seeking to create impact beyond oneself has been an important priority for many of our clients. Quite often, charitable and multi-generational gifting discussions become an integral component of the wealth management plans we create together. “The Giving Box” strategy implementation can be the most rewarding planning we do with our clients and is something we take great pride in sharing.

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