We sit on the same side of the table as our clients.

Each relationship begins via a discovery meeting—an arena for both client and Resolute to assess the client-advisor fit. The questions asked during this initial session don’t just touch on the financial, they dissect the personal, identifying a client’s passions, challenges, and lifestyle goals to form a comprehensive financial and lifestyle picture.

We then present prospective clients with an initial plan for review, which entails in-depth, goal-building strategies and establishes necessary actions to achieve discussed goals. From there, a mutual commitment meeting allows clients to ask questions and drill into the plan to determine if the value Resolute offers meets their expectations.

If a relationship is agreed upon, Resolute starts work immediately, putting the plan into action, meeting regularly with clients, monitoring and/or realigning portfolios daily via sophisticated technology platforms. Throughout our relationship, open, two-way communication is key to maintaining and strengthening our client-advisor relationship, and empowering clients to take on a deeper ownership of their success.

5 Step Meeting Process


The foundation of your success will depend on accurately uncovering your true financial needs. We begin our process with our “Discovery Meeting” to understand your most important needs, values, relationships, assets and lifelong dreams. We will use the information gathered in this meeting to identify the challenges you face and formulate solutions.


Our job is to help you make smart decisions with your money. During our “Investment Plan Meeting” we will confirm our understanding of your entire situation. We then present our recommended investment strategies for improving the probability of achieving your goals.


This meeting formalizes our work together. Here we will answer any questions that may have come from the “Investment Plan Meeting,” and make any fine-tuning adjustments. From there, you’ll execute all the documents needed to get your investment plan started. Following this meeting we will begin working on your wealth management plan.


In this meeting we will help you get completely organized with all your new paperwork and/or online access to information. In addition we will summarize where we are now, and answer any questions you may have.


We will conduct regular meetings to review progress toward achieving your goals. At our first “Regular Progress Meeting” we will present to you the wealth management plan that our expert network and Resolute Wealth Advisor have created. This plan looks beyond investment consulting to address other financial issues that may be important for reaching all your financial goals.

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