You as a person, not a portfolio

  • Proud of our Northwestern Ohio roots, we serve mostly the local community, where we know the hard work and dedication that our clients have put in to get where they are today.
  • Our clients are established and looking to regain the human element of wealth management, finding an advisor that they can trust, who puts their interests first, who adds value, and who treats them as people instead of a portfolio.
  • Our clients understand their assets and have thoughtfully assessed what they want to achieve. They need a partner with the experience, sophisticated technology, and outside resources to help them successfully navigate from where they are to where they want to be.
  • Our qualified plan services are built to work alongside business decision makers providing resources to help document their fiduciary oversight. We then seek to take it to the employee level with our focus on improving the participant experience and outcomes through communication, education and being accessible to them.
  • Independently minded, our clients range from small business owners to those working in manufacturing, petroleum, commerce, and technology.
  • Our clients are less concerned with displays of wealth and instead, focused on living the retirement lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve.
  • Many of them see beyond themselves and their families, supporting charities and communities as an outreach of their passions. This is an important part of their wealth management plan –a vocation that we share and promote.
  • Resolute attracts clients who want to participate in their wealth management, who want to go deeper than just a quarterly allocation summary. Our clients want ownership of their financial progress and share a mutual commitment to achieving goals.
  • Resolute Advisor clients typically have significant financial assets varying among each individual’s or family’s, retirement, trust, and estate planning vehicles.
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Everyone's financial goals matter, so feel confident in achieving yours with out Second Opinion Service