Second Opinion Service

Everyone's financial goals matter.

So feel confident in achieving yours with our Second Opinion Service.

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We achieve our clients’ trust not just in the scrutiny that we place on each customized plan, but in the deep expertise and client engagement that we offer.
It is our goal to construct a wealth management plan that provides our clients confidence in and ownership of their respective financial futures.

Our Second Opinion Process


Review your current financial situation


Assess your Goals and Objectives


Identify any potential risks and opportunities


Compare your current situation to the recommended plan


It's never too late to get a second opinion

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Proud of our Northwestern Ohio roots, we serve mostly the local community, where we know the hard work and dedication that our clients have put in to get where they are today.

Resolute attracts clients who want to participate in their wealth management, who want to go deeper than just a quarterly allocation summary. Our clients want ownership of their financial progress and share a mutual commitment to achieving goals. 

Schedule a time to get a second opinion and we’ll make your financial plan our first priority.