WBGU PBS ‘The Journal’ with Resolute’s Scott Hohman and Sarah Corney

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Thursday, August 4th at 8 PM, Resolute Wealth Advisor’s President, Scott Hohman, CFP®, AIF® joined Sarah Corney, a local attorney with RCO Law, on WBGU PBS, ‘The Journal’ for an important and exciting discussion regarding wills and financial planning. 

Since 1964, WBGU-PBS has been an active part of the communities it serves – working with residents to make Northwest and West Central Ohio a better place to live and work. With more than 4,000 members, WBGU-PBS is a true community asset and lifelong learning resource.

Scott Hohman, CFP®, AIF®, is the President & founding member of Resolute Wealth Advisor and has been serving clients in the Findlay, Ohio area since 1992. His inspiration to form Resolute stemmed from a desire to reclaim the human element of advisory services while incorporating technology to help clients feel more confident and connected. Scott focuses on providing wealth management solutions to small business owners, and those who have achieved success, in Northwest Ohio. His process is designed to coordinate six key areas of wealth management: proper investment strategy, income planning, mitigating taxes, taking care of heirs, asset protection, and charitable giving.

Interested in learning more about wills and financial planning?  Take the first step toward regaining the personal aspect of your advisory relationship. Contact Resolute Wealth Advisor today.

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