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Sophia has quickly experienced success as an entrepreneur in the healthcare field.  While she is fully dedicated to her career in helping others, she feels confident in knowing that she is doing what she can to continue to grow both personally and professionally.  At this stage of life, money is of no real concern to Sophia; she has everything that she needs and doesn’t ever feel that she is “just trying to get by.” 

While out to lunch with some friends one day, the conversation shifted towards retirement.  Being in her mid-thirties, retirement always seemed so far off for Sophia, and she hadn’t taken the time to consider what retirement meant to her, let alone begin planning for it.  She’s a successful entrepreneur in the healthcare field, she shouldn’t have to worry about her money.  Her friends agree; they’re making great money and shouldn’t have to worry about much in terms of their finances, right?

But Sophia understands the importance of planning ahead; planning is what helped her get through medical school and planning is what helped her launch her company.  So why shouldn’t she start planning for the next stage of her life?

With Resolute MINDSET,, Sophia was able to work with one of our advisors to discuss what was truly important to her when it comes to her finances, her ambitions, and, ultimately, her future.  Throughout our process, we were able to determine ways that Sophia could not only identify the goals that she wants to achieve throughout her life and career, but also to put an actionable plan in place to help guide her towards success. 

Throughout our collaborative and personalized process, Sophia was able to partner with her advisor to plan strategically for her business, talk about her retirement goals and ambitions, and even work on establishing a fund where Sophia could help give back to her local community and support the causes that matter most to her. 

The best part?  Sophia is given a one-page financial plan that highlights her overall situation in a snapshot.  She also feels relieved in knowing that her advisor had given her recommendations of what she should look to accomplish over the next five years of her career.  At that point, Sophia can revisit her financial plan for a MINDSET Milestone meeting to begin strategically planning for the next stage of her life. 

So, for Sophia, she has peace of mind in knowing that she is doing more than simply assuming that everything is “OK” when it comes to her future; she’s taking ownership of it.  And when her friends and colleagues bring up the topic of retirement next time, she can tell them that she is working towards retiring earlier than she could have ever imagined. 

Sophia changed her MINDSET when it came to planning for retirement, and she now has a partner with her financial planner that will help hold her accountable and have a vested interest in her long-term success.  

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